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I feel so much peace and joy in Munirah's class. It is simply amazing. I love how she deepened my experience during the yoga session by some light presses on my body. It allowed my body to relax deeper. I love the connection that I experienced with my body during the yoga session. Thank you for providing such a loving and open energy. I would highly recommend Munirah to anyone that would like a beautiful yoga experience. She is an attentive and intuitive teacher.

– Peiying, group class student

I teach English-speaking yoga and meditation classes live in Hamburg or online on Zoom.

If you are new here, have a look at my schedule and find a class that resonates with you.

If you’re attending my live-streaming Zoom classes, please make the payment first and then I’ll send you the Zoom link in your confirmation email. To ensure that you’re prepared and settled for class, please join the Zoom meeting five minutes before class begins.

If you have any questions, send an email to info@luminousyogalife.com.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

Slow Flow and Meditate

English-speaking Yoga and Meditation class in Altona (Hamburg)


🌸 This slow flow class is slower & gentler than your typical vinyasa class but don’t be fooled. With modifications and variations offered to cater to different practitioners’ levels, you’ll be challenged in ways that guide you to find your own version of Sthira and Sukha (strength and ease).

🌸 The slow rhythm also helps to calm the mind as we link our breath with our movement. The result is an enhanced mind-body awareness!


🌸 Each month we focus on one type of meditation to help us deepen our meditation practice and integrate the effects of yoga in the mind, body and spirit.
🌸 Suitable for complete beginners and intermediate students alike.
🌸 Price (includes the use of yoga mats & yoga props):
• 135€ for 10 classes (6 months validity) or 15€ drop-in
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Slow Flow and Meditate

When: Mondays from 18:30 – 19:45 

Where: Circle – Mind Body Soul, Wohlers Alle 24A, 22767 Hamburg


Yin & Sound Healing

When: Every Tuesday from 20:00 – 21:15

Where: Circle – Mind Body Soul, Wohlers Alle 24A, 22767 Hamburg


Candlelight Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

English-speaking Yin & Sound Healing class in Altona (Hamburg)


🌈 This class is an invitation for those who are stressed out & keen to slow down. My intention is that you find a restful and sacred pause to your week.

🌈 Telltale signs of stress:
➸ physical symptoms such as chronic pain, digestive issues, shortness of breath, headaches, etc.
➸ mental & emotional symptoms such as feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, inability to concentrate & constantly worrying, etc.


🕯 Yin poses are held passively between three to eight minutes with the aim to stretch the deepest tissues of the body, moderately stress the joints and ligaments, and release the fascia network along the entire body. This helps to alleviate the physical manifestations of stress in the body.

🕯 Sound healing (aka the intentional use of vibrations from musical instruments like singing bowls) helps to create a nourishing and grounding experience. By the end of class, you’ll hopefully feel less stressed & MORE bliss, and ready for a good night’s sleep.

🕯 Price (includes the use of yoga mats & yoga props):
• 135€ for 10 classes (6 months validity) or 15€ drop-in
(Please bring along comfortable clothing & thick socks to keep yourself warm.)
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Munirah’s Yin Yoga Workshop was an immensely refreshing experience. This session was a deeper experience than the usual stretch you get from a yoga class as it was emotionally and mentally revitalising as well. It weaved reflection questions and statements to ponder on between softly held stretching poses which allowed me to quieten my mind and really focus on how I was feeling and what I truly wanted in that present moment. It was perfect for someone whose mind is often buzzing with ideas and to-do lists. As an instructor, Munirah’s gentle style and approachable disposition naturally calms you down and creates a trusting environment for working on oneself.


-Vanessa, group class student

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