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Testimonials from my happy clients

The private classes with Munirah were awesome. I had never done yoga before and she was very accommodating to that. She fully assessed my abilities and based on what I wanted to achieved she then structured the classes. I managed to do the crow pose which I never thought I'd be able to do. Munirah is very genuine and conducts her class with her love. I like how she brings forward the spiritual aspects and emphasises on them too when she can see I'm engaged. I honestly loved her classes and am gutted she left Singapore. I highly recommend her private classes.

Gaurav, private client

Munirah’s Yin Yoga Workshop was an immensely refreshing experience. This session was a deeper experience than the usual stretch you get from a yoga class as it was emotionally and mentally revitalising as well. It weaved reflection questions and statements to ponder on between softly held stretching poses which allowed me to quieten my mind and really focus on how I was feeling and what I truly wanted in that present moment. It was perfect for someone whose mind is often buzzing with ideas and to-do lists. As an instructor, Munirah's gentle style and approachable disposition naturally calms you down and creates a trusting environment for working on oneself.

Vanessa, group class student

I feel so much peace and joy in Munirah's class. It is simply amazing. I love how she deepened my experience during the yoga session by some light presses on my body. It allowed my body to relax deeper. I love the connection that I experienced with my body during the yoga session. Thank you for providing such a loving and open energy. I would highly recommend Munirah to anyone that would like a beautiful yoga experience. She is an attentive and intuitive teacher.

Peiying, group class student